Research and demonstration projects


The demonstratinos in Iceland and elsewhere have given rise to a variety of research. The demonstrations have raised questions and research projects gain more substantiation when these are backed up with real data. Many students have worked on and completed their masters' project within the company.

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A short description of the projects:

Create Acceptance -assessing and promoting societal  acceptance of clean energy technologies 

ECTOS - demonstration of fuel cell busses in Iceland

El-Mobility - demonstration of electric vehicles in different circumstances in the North Atlantic region

Encouraged - mapping future energy corridors to Europe from neighbouring countries and renewable sources

Euro Hyport - exporting Icelandic Hydrogen to European Continent

Externalities - external cost of geothermal power production focusing on the cost of hydrogen sulfur

HyApproval - handbook for approval of hydrogen refuelling stations

HyFLEET:CUTE - demonstration of 47 hydrogen powered busses in regular public transport service in 10 cities on three continents

Hy-Society -  aimed at analysing Hydrogen projects and initiatives that have been taken throughout Europe

INTELECT -  information collection on incentives for alternative vehicles in the region and creation of incentives-calculators

NEEDS - formulating methods and estimating all costs of various energy systems in the future

New-H-Ship - continued work on earlier national initiatives and EC projects concerning the use of hydrogen as fuel in marine applications

NoSlone - aims at building a Nordic network with focus on several different aspects on sustainable logistics

Prepar-H2 - evaluation and raised quality of suggested socio-economic research undertaken in future hydrogen lighthouse projects

Rekkevidde -  aims to improve knowledge on the range of electric vehicles operating  in Nordic countries

Rensea -  a research project on the viability of using electricity for powering the propulsion of medium sized boats

Roads2HyCOM - co-ordination of assess and monitor research in the field of Hydrogen for stationary and transport power

SMART-H2 - demonstration project testing hydrogen fuelled vehicles and vessels

SUGRE - promotion and support of the conversion of fleets to alternative fuel propulsion

Use H2 Backup - evaluate fuel cells as back-up power for various applications